Not AvailableFrozen Cornfed Supremes Skin on (approx 280gm) per KG (10 per tray approx 3kg per tray)

$26.95 inc. / KG

10 x Per Tray (Approx 3kg)

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NOT AVAILABLE Cornfed breast supreme kiev is the breast fillet, off the bone, with the skin on and the drummete of the wing attached, boned off a corn fed chicken. Also known as a breast wing tip. Corn fed chickens are fed a diet of corn which enhances the flavour and turns the colour a light yellow. A great cut for that special ocassion as they present beautifully on the plate. Our corn fed supremes are frozen on tray of 10 pieces approximately 280g each piece. Please order 3kg per tray and you will be charged for the exact weight when your order is packed. Our supremes are hormone free and a product of Australia.